Council Process


City Council Meetings are legal meetings at which City Council has jurisdiction to conduct City business and transactions and to make decisions.

Governance and Priorities (GPC) Meetings provide Council with additional time to study and review issues in more detail. Issues discussed at these meetings may be brought forward to future Council Meetings for decision. City employees typically attend both Council and Governance and Priorities (GPC) Meetings to provide information and background on issues as required.  

City Council and Committee of the Whole meetings are held in Council Chambers at City Hall, 202 Burrows Ave W.  Meetings begin at 5:00 p.m. and are open to the public. In the event confidential or sensitive information that falls within the exemptions of Part III of the Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act is being discussed, the meeting or certain parts of the meeting may be closed to the public.

The Mayor may call Special Meetings if an emergent matter requires attention

Click Here for the schedule of all meetings of Council

Conduct of the Public During Meetings:

The public present in Council Chambers shall adhere to the following standards of conduct:

  • No crude, vulgar, obscene or offensive language or gestures are allowed at any time in Council Chambers, including on clothing;
  • No person attending a meeting may approach or speak to the Mayor or Councillor while the meeting is in progress unless acknowledged by the chair to speak as a delegation or during the public hearing portion of a meeting;
  • No signs, place cards or banners of any kind are allowed in Council Chambers except with the express permission of the chair; and
  • Electronic messages shall not be sent to the Mayor or any Councillor participating in a meeting.

Any person who does not adhere to the rules listed above will be asked to leave the Council Chambers. If they fail to do so the meeting will be recessed, and the City Clerk will have them removed. Any person removed from Chambers shall not be allowed to return for a period determined by the Mayor.

The proceedings of Council are governed by the City of Melfort Council Procedures Bylaw 2023-31, the Cities Act and all other pertinent legislation.