Curbside Recycling Greenland Waste Recycle Cart

The City of Melfort contracts with Greenland Waste to provide residential curbside recycling pick-up on alternating weeks.  Each residence is provided with a 95-gallon blue recycling carts.  Recycling fees are included on your utility bill.  All recyclables and containers must comply with the Waste and Recycling Collection & Disposal Bylaw.  Carts must be set out by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled day of pick-up and returned to your property that same day.
The following items may be placed loosely into your recycling cart:
Paper & Cardboard - newspaper, paper and corrugated cardboard, telephone books, paper drinking cups, Tetra Pak soup and beverage containers, catalogues & magazines (with plastic wrap removed) and shredded paper (placed in a clear plastic bag).
Metal - clean metal food cans, metal lids, aluminum foil and containers (all rinsed clean of residue)
Plastic - clean plastic containers labelled with the recycling symbol 1-7 (no clam shell food containers labelled 1)
Plastic milk jugs, milk and juice cartons (remove all lids and caps)
The following items are not permitted in your recycling cart:
No Batteries or electronics, hazardous or toxic product containers; aerosol cans
No Light bulbs; drinking glasses and other glassware
No Styrofoam containers, plastic utensils, peanuts or packing foam; food and wet waste, food contaminated paper waste, diapers
No Pots and pans, scrap metal, wood, ceramics, toys, clothing, metal and plastic hangars
No Plastics without the recycling symbol label 1-7, plastic bags or stretch wrap
No Clam shell type food containers labelled #1
No oil containers or chemical jugs
No hoses and rubber items

Melfort EcoCentre

The Melfort EcoCentre is located at the landfill on the Highway 41A bypass west of the city.  It accepts used oil, oil filters, plastic oil containers and pails under 30 litres in size, and antifreeze for recycling, at no charge, from farmers, do-it-yourselfers, and small business operators.  The EcoCentre accepts up to 500 litres of used oil per delivery, with no minimum amount required and there is a drum pump to empty your barrels.  The EcoCentre is open during landfill hours - please contact the landfill attendant at the kiosk upon arrival.
The EcoCentre meets regulated environmental standards, and has secondary containment for oil spills and drips from filters or containers.  Please do not contaminate your used oil with things like solvents, paint or paint thinners, bleach or other household chemicals, antifreeze, gasoline, pesticides, or water.  Contaminated oil can not be accepted because it is unsuitable for re-refining.

For more information, call the City of Melfort, Works & Utilities Department at 752-5911 or the Melfort Landfill at 752-3242.  If you have larger amounts of used oil materials to recycle, please call 1-877-645-7275 for information about trucking companies that provide pick-up, or go to

PLUS Industries Inc.

Providing services and supportive, community-based employment to intellectually-challenged adults, PLUS Industries Inc. is a partner with the City of Melfort in the recycling of cardboard, paper, glass, tin and car batteries, and operates the Melfort SARCAN Depot, which recycles deposit containers, paint, batteries and electronics.PLUS Industries Logo

For more information about PLUS Industries' recycling services, contact the Recycling Supervisor at 306-752-6502.