Cemetery - Mount Pleasant

The Mount Pleasant Cemetery, located on Melfort Street West, is operated by the City of Melfort. The Cemetery Bylaw 2014-02 contains information concerning cemetery and monument regulations, requirements and care of graves.

The City wishes to acknowledge the North East Branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society for the recording of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, undertaken in 1993. A copy of the complete Cemetery Recording is available at the Melfort Public Library.

To find the location of a specific grave, search for the surname in the Cemetery Records below.  Use the block and grave numbers listed in the records to locate them on the Cemetery Site Map.  The site map also contains a legend of traditional grave layouts for different sized blocks.  For additional or updated information on the cemetery, please contact the City at 306-752-5911.  You may also want to search on the Find A Grave website, where you can upload and view headstone photos.

Notice to Plot Owners:
- Solar Lights and Flowers MUST be attached to a headstone
- Absolutely NO fences or landscaping material
- Trees, evergreens and perennial plants MUST be pre-approved by the City.  The Cemetery Supervisor can assist with this.
Effective June 1, 2015, any items not consistent with the Bylaw will be removed on a weekly basis.  Items can be claimed by notifying the cemetery staff.  For any questions, please contact City Hall at 306-752-5911.

 Fees & Charges - Effective February 1, 2023 

Specified in Fees & Charges Bylaw  
 Full Size Lot $990.00
 Half Size Lot $550.00
 Cremation Lot $539.00
 GRAVE OPENING & CLOSING: April 1 - October 31 
 Regular Lot/Vault $770.00
 Half Lot $550.00
 Cremation Lot $407.00
 GRAVE OPENING & CLOSING: Nov 1 - March 31 
 Regular Lot/Vault $907.50
 Half Lot $627.00
 Cremation Lot $550.00
 Regular Lot/Vault $275.00
 Half Lot $275.00
 Cremation Lot $231.00
 Burials after 4:00pm 
 Monday to Friday $176.00
 Regular Lot/Vault $1,210.00
 Cremation Lot $550.00
 S 1/2 Columbarium, Block 491 $1,200.00
 N 1/2 Columbarium, Block 491  $1,500.00
 N 1/2 Columbarium, Block 482 $1,850.00
 GST is to be added to the above rates.
 A perpetual care fee of $165.00 is included in the lot purchase rate.
Cemetery Legend