Northern Lights Palace Pool Re-Opening

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The Northern Lights Pool is now open to public! The pool is following a progressive re-opening plan. Initially, the programming is going to be limited to ensure the safety of our patrons. The progressive re-opening plan is going to allow the lifeguards to get comfortable with guarding again while at the same time the pool can be used by the public.

The scheduling for NLP Pool has been done in a way to give all staff members a chance to clean and sanitize everything before each session. Bi-weekly schedules are up on Fridays and online registration is available from 8:00 AM on Fridays, for the next following week. 

Please be sure to follow the guidelines and do your part to keep everyone safe. The COVID-19 protocols and general guidelines for accessing the Northern Lights Palace Pool are given below:

COVID-19 Protocols for Public

 Due to reduced programming and capacities per session, we are asking you to book only one session per week for the next three weeks. This will provide every community member a chance to use the pool again. In order to access the NLP Pool, you will need to register online. If you do not know how to do that, you can click here for a demonstration. 

You can click on the link below to register online.

Register Online

For any queries, please contact:

Shannon Marshall, Pool Manager


Phone: (306) 752-7200