Swimming Lessons

Everyone has the right to learn how to swim. All of our lifeguards become instructors so that we can offer as many lessons to the public we can. We offer 3 sessions of swimming lessons during the year: Spring, Summer, & Fall.
Parent & Tot Lessons: Ages 3 years & under.

Preschool Lessons: Ages 3-5. (Preschool 1-4)

Swimming Lessons: Ages 6+. Lessons begin with Swimmer 1-6, focusing on safety and swimming skills such as front crawl, back crawl, and breast stroke. Progressing into the later SWIM Patrol levels, focusing on endurance, self rescue, and techniques to help others if necessary. (Swimmer 1-6, Rookie/Ranger/Star Patrols)

Adult Lessons: Ages16+. Participants learn at their own rates. Offered when interest permits.

Bronze Awards: Being over 100 years old, the Bronze Awards are meant for all ages. Participants welcome a sense of accomplishment completing the fitness, first aid, self rescue aspects, as well as the ability to rescue others in an emergency. Judgment, knowledge, swimming skill and fitness are all benefits you can learn. (Bronze Star/Medallion/Cross)
* Bronze Awards are offered as weekend courses at any time of the year when there is enough interest.

The pool offers the SWIM for Life swimmming lesson program from the Lifesaving Society. The focus of SWIM is on skills and strokes and teaching your children how to be safe in the water. SWIM provides more challenges to kids by not only having them meet the bare minimum, we set a minimum requirement and provide a goal that they can strive for.  SWIM for Life Registration Guidelines.

More than 70% of people who drown had no intention of going into the water and two-thirds of drowning victims are within 25 metres of safety. Drowning is the 2nd highest risk of accidental death and what’s worse… it’s completely preventable. Basic swimming ability is a fundamental requirement in any meaningful attempt to eliminate drowning.

Yet recent studies indicate that 60% of Canadian children don't take swimming lessons. By Swimmer 6 you will have completed the Swim to Survive standard, and the best chance to survive 70% of drownings. Continuing on through the SWIM Patrol and Bronze Awards helps keep you or your children from becoming one of those statistics.

Keep pushing through until you reach your Bronze Cross. Once you reach your Bronze Cross you are a seasoned swimmer, able to save yourself in most situations, as well as family and friends in an aquatic or land based emergency. Build confidence, leadership, and many other life skills. And most or all, swim for life!