Pool Rentals

We welcome everyone to have a blast at the palace all to themselves. Rent the entire pool for one, two, three, or more hours. We supply the opportunities for a good time, it’s up to you to bring all your friends.

Schools from all corners of the province regularly book rental times during school hours, sports club wind-ups and seasonal parties book weekend and evening times, everyone is welcome to book a rental time at the pool.

Most rentals have between 30 & 140 swimmers. Our max capacity at the pool is 278 swimmers, but that is dependent on the number of guards we have at the time.
During a rental you have the pool to yourself. The wave pool, waterslide, hot tub, and sauna are yours for that time. If you request the concession to be open we can arrange that to happen with the concession manager.
Please call 306-752-7200 for more information

Rates: (Valid until April  2020)

Per Hour

 General Rental  $99.00
 School Rental - In Melfort
 School Rental - Out-of-town
 Youth Group Rental  $67.00
 Senior Rental  $67.00
 Out of Town Rental  $125.00
 Extra Lifeguard per hour
 Any rental over 30 swimmer will require extra lifeguards
 (Guard Ratios 30:2, 90:3, 140:4, 190:5, 240+:7-8)
 Additional guards may be added/changed depending on the user group or event.