Doll-Fins Water Therapy & Exercise ProgramThe Doll-Fins Water Therapy & Exercise Program is for all individuals interested in maintaining or improving their physical mobility. The goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for each individual to exercise at his or her own pace as well as providing a great social atmosphere.

You do not have to know how to swim.

Doll-Fins provides an opportunity for adults who are physically challenged to exercise and use the pool with the assistance of volunteers. SPRA certified leaders are present for assistance.

Doctor and physiotherapy referrals of any person with disabilities are accepted. The exercises are designed for back pain relief and to condition and strengthen muscles. Water therapy exercise is especially helpful in cases where pain, decreased bone density, disability or other factors prevent someone from being active and exercising.

Individuals of any age that are post-op, suffer from Arthritis, M.S., chronic muscle pain, Osteoarthritis are welcome to come. With a little help you may be able to rebuild or retain your health and fitness.

In addition to those conditions, water therapy is frequently recommended as one form of exercise therapy to treat those with diabetes as well as individuals with high blood pressure. Both conditions can improve and become more manageable with aquatic exercise. All of these conditions can make it uncomfortable or painful to exercise on a hard or even padded surface, or while standing. Water provides a much gentler, welcoming environment.

Group Sessions:
 Tuesday & Friday
1:00 – 2:00pm*
           * Sept. - July
Participants pay $2.00 each.**
Volunteers are welcome to call.
Contact: Beth Woolsey  (306) 752-5426 / Box 1236
** Program is subsidized by Saskatchewan Lotteries

 Doll-Fins Water Therapy & Exercise Program Doll-Fins Water Therapy & Exercise Program