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The City of Melfort invites all businesses licensed by the City of Melfort an opportunity to have your business listed in the directory. Scroll down to view business listings. Click the Business Directory down arrow link to the left to create a new listing. To update your listing you must delete the existing listing or submit your changes to us by email.

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Phone : 3062752125 Fax : 3068742914 Email :

Address:Box 503 St. Brieux Saskatchewan S0K 3V0

Contact:Amanda Perrot

Description:Signs, decals and banners.

View in Map Phone : 3069213590 Email :

Address:513 Crawford Ave West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:General contracting, new development, renovations, residential and commercial, RTMs and on-site building.

View in Map Phone : 3067524960

Address:678 Saskatchewan Ave. E. Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3069217115 Email :

Address:211 Burrows Avenue East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jeannine Wood (Moussa), Owner

Description:Pampering, rejuvenating facials using the Eminence Organic Skincare line (for all skin types/concerns).

View in Map Cell : 3069207844 Email :

Address:Box 705 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Aaron Campbell, Owner

Description:Concrete work: forming, foundations, slabs, place & finish. Residential Construction: framing, exterior finish install, soffit & fascia

View in Map Phone : 8663632225 Email : Website :

Address:620 Saskatchewan Avenue East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:We're here to help you make the most of your Access services. If you ever need a hand with your phone, Internet or cable TV, or if you need to figure out your bill, this is the place to come. Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 1:00 and 1:30 - 5:00 Customer Service: 1-866-363-2225 Internet Help: 1-877-469-0418 Pay-Per-View: 1-866-994-6778

View in Map Phone : 3067527404 Fax : 3067527213 Email :

Address:118 Main Street - North Entrance, Box 96 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jocelyne Bortis, Marketing Officer

Description:Life, disability, critical illness, insurance, long term care and group benefits. Home, auto, farm, commercial insurance. Real estate.

Phone : 3068647453 Fax : 3068643793 Email :

Address:Box 4505 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Rodger McDonald, Owner

Description:We do home inspections, mold inspections, air quality testing and sampling. We also do ozone treatment. Ozone deodorizes and disinfects anything!

View in Map Phone : 3067522744 Fax : 3067521919 Email : Website :

Address:118 Main Street, Box 1657 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:With $4.5 billion in managed assets, and more than 140,000 members, we are pleased to be one of the largest credit unions in Canada. Affinity employs 965 people who work together to offer our members a complete range of accounts and services, including wealth management products, and we are proud to be a leader in delivering investment and lending services to First Nations. Our branches serve members throughout Saskatchewan, with 76 locations in 68 communities.

View in Map Phone : 3067524363 Fax : 3067525332 Email :

Address:101 South Avenue, Box 1227 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Dwayne Mooney, Owner

Description:Employing 4 qualified mechanics to service all heavy equipment and certified to do SGI inspections, a fully stocked parts room with a qualified parts person. We offer 24 hour on-call service. Our regular hours of operation are Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Equipment for hire includes loader & attachments, tractor units, lowbed.

Phone : 3067522240 Website :

Address:Box 816 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Walter Toews

Description:To promote culture, sport, useful arts, agriculture, entertainment, horticulture, and the 4-H movement in the Melfort area. Meetings are held on the 4th Thursday of the month, excluding July and December.

Phone : 3067522776

Address:Box 1240 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Cecil Vera

Description:To develop and transfer environmentally and economically sustainable crop production technology for farming systems of the Parkland.

Phone : 3068621365

Address:Box 1373 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Captain Desmarais, Lori Tluchak

Description:To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership and promote physical fitness and stimulate the interest of youth in the air activities of the Canadian Forces. The Cadets meet every Tuesday from 7:00-9:30 p.m. at MUCC, September to June. Ages 12-19 are welcome.

View in Map Phone : 3067524323

Address:Bay #3 - 218 Main Street, Box 2547 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Alberta Siermachesky

Description:We provide registered massage therapy services, including traditional Swedish massage, myofascial release, manual lymph drainage and deep tissue massage. We are trained in: -Pre and post natal massage -Pre and post sports massage -Injury rehabilitation and prevention and cancer exercise therapy. We accept SGI and WCB claims and are covered by many extended health care benefits plans.

View in Map Phone : 3067525155

Address:102 Caskey Drive, Box 276 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Fr. Gethin Edward

Description:To serve Christ and make Him known in our community. Located on the corner of Caskey and Brunswick Street. Please contact us for hours of services.

View in Map Phone : 3067525200 Fax : 3067525220 Email :

Address:Melfort Mall, 1121 Main Street North, Box 399 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Amy Tremblay, Chiropractor

Description:Health facility offering chiropractic massage therapy, reflexology, opthotics and personal hearing services.

View in Map Phone : 3067525206 Fax : 3067525220 Email :

Address:Melfort Mall, Box 340 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Lindsay Vedress

Description:Allied Massage offers three Swedish massage therapists and one reflexologist. Our goal: A position, healthy lifestyle choice. We can assist with acute to chronic pain, sciatica, headaches, fibromyalgia, JMJ, pregnancy, carpal tunnel and many more conditions.

View in Map Phone : 3069208833 Email :

Address:25 Groat Drive, Box 421 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Sherri Armstrong, Photographer

Description:A lifestyle photographer based out of Melfort, Armstrong Photography offers family, wedding, children, newborn, portraits and boudoir photography.

View in Map Phone : 3067522751 Fax : 3067522751 Email :

Address:1717 Highway 6 South, Box 1011 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Douglas Armstrong, Owner

Description:Excavating, trucking, grading, demolition, fuel site decommissioning, snow removal, mini excavator with hammer and auger. Gravel, sand, topsoil, crushed rock, trenching.

View in Map Phone : 3067527900 Fax : 3067647901 Email :

Address:301 - 16th Street West Prince Albert Saskatchewan S6V 3V6

Contact:Jack Lang, Owner

Description:Commercial and industrial electrical installations. Computer and communications cabling.

View in Map Phone : 3067523300 Fax : 3067529719 Email : Website :

Address:207 Main Street, Box 478 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jeremy Markwart, Manager/Owner

Description:Retail jewellery store that specializes in custom rings and Canadian diamonds. SGI accredited.

Phone : 3067523806

Address:Box 3296 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Don Tyacke

Description:To provide recreational badminton each Wednesday evening from September to April. This is strictly recreational badminton, although a competitive tournament is held each April.

Phone : 3067522812

Address:Box 554 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Larry Falk, Penny Anderson

Description:Basketball for children at MUCC and the NELC in spring and fall.

View in Map Phone : 3067525533

Address:202 Main Street, Box 744 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Lizanne Parenteau, Owner/Certified Esthetician/Nail Tech.

Description:Day Spa: gel nails, gel toenails, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and body treatments.

Phone : 3069216315 Email :

Address:Box 1174 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ben Nygaard, Carpenter

Description:Journeyman carpenter with ten years experience, specializing in residential buildings and renos. Free quotes and willing to look at any job.

Phone : 3067521280 Email : Website :

Address:Box 986 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kathryn Carswell

Description:Have you been thinking that mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Melfort only includes one-to-one, long-term matches? Think again! Big Brothers Big Sisters of Melfort offers a wide range of mentoring opportunities to meet the varied needs of volunteers, children and families. Serving as role models, our mentors teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, of staying in school, and having respect for family, peers and community. Each time we pair a child with a mentor or introduce a group of students to a group program, we start something. Find out more about our various programs by contacting your Big Brothers Big Sisters of Melfort. You can also learn more about the process of becoming a volunteer or support our various programs through a financial gift. Whether it's in the form of time or money, there is no more important investment we as individuals can make than in helping our nation's children realize - and share - their full potential.

View in Map Phone : 3067520002 Email : Website :

Address:260 Stonegate Place Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Melfort's biggest restaurant to accommodate all sizes of groups. We DELIVER! Fundraising Headquarters for teams, groups and charities. Exciting sports lounge with 9 TVs to watch your favorite teams.

Phone : 3067522608

Address:Box 2847 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3067522584 Fax : 3067521907

Address:600 Broadway North, Box 3370 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Rev. Kevin Shiach

Description:Every Sunday at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm; Wednesday prayer meeting at 7 pm; Tuesday at 6:30 pm - Powerhouse Kid

View in Map Phone : 3067525771 Fax : 3067521989 Website :

Address:501 Bemister Avenue East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:North East School Division No. 200

View in Map Cell : 3069214213 Email :

Address:Box 981, 616 Crawford Ave E Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Todd & Janell Earl

Description:New builds and renovations. Houses, cabins, garages, sheds, decks and fences.

View in Map Phone : 3067522804 Fax : 3067525658 Email :

Address:106 Saskatchewan Drive West, Box 686 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Accounting firm offering complete professional services. Established in 1948 by business founder W. O. Peterson (1909 - 1971).

View in Map Phone : 3067524640 Fax : 3067524610 Email :

Address:220 Central Street, Box 543 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Cory Zimmer, Owner

Description:New installations, renovations or upgrades to an existing electrical system, we do it all. We are a fully licensed shop with a friendly, knowledgeable staff. From commercial, residential or farm, there are no electrical projects too big or too small.

Phone : 8889393333 Email :

Address:Box 2048 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Cancer Society is a national community-based organization of volunteers, whose mission is the eradication of cancer and improving the quality of life of people living with cancer. We achieve our mission by supporting those living with cancer, funding excellence in cancer research, advocating for healthy public policy, promoting healthy lifestyle strategies for reducing cancer risk, and offering reliable, science-based information about cancer. The Boar of Directors meets 6 times per year and volunteers are always welcome.

View in Map Phone : 3067527277 Fax : 3067527235 Email :

Address:300 StoneGate, Box 2390 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Paul Penner, President

View in Map Phone : 3067524242 Fax : 3067525042 Email : Website :

Address:100 Stonegate, 500 Highway 6, Box 3369 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Shawn Russin,General Manager

View in Map Fax : 3067525686 Email : Website :

Address:708 Saskatchewan Drive E., Box 2019 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:We offer 42 clean, comfortable, modern rooms with air conditioning, fridges, microwaves, coffee pots and wireless internet. Smitty's Restaurant is on site.

Phone : 3067523939

Address:Rural - Bagley Road, Box 10 Fairy Glen Saskatchewan S0E 0T0

Contact:Pastor Dawn Myrfield

Description:The church is located 22 kms north of Melfort off Highway No. 6. Sunday worship time: 9:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. Please phone the church office to confirm worship time.

View in Map Phone : 3067529411 Email : Website :

Address:101 Burrows Avenue West, Box 3959 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ruth Penner, Owner/Operator

Description:The best and most beautiful things for women, for babies to preteens and everyone in between.

View in Map Phone : 3067521809 Email :

Address:#2 - 955 Broadway Ave N, Box 1103 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Richard Chanda, President

Description:Sales and refurbishing batteries and related activities.

View in Map Phone : 3067522783 Fax : 3067529144 Email : Website :

Address:2110 Saskatchewan Drive South, Junction of 3,6,41, Box 1717 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ron Bowditch, Owner

Description:Vehicles sales and service, parts, rentals.

View in Map Phone : 3067529277 Fax : 3067523759 Email : Website :

Address:105 MacLeod Avenue East, Box 2817 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Bartley Quibell, President

Description:We provide natural solutions to your health concerns. Therapies include live cell analysis, biofeedback therapy, laser therapy, reflexology and massage. A full line of high quality nutritional supplements are available.

View in Map Phone : 3067525409

Address:2 Spruce Haven Road Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Sunday worship services 10:00 am

Phone : 3067525001

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Hours of Operation: Monday to Saturday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Closed on Sundays May provide pick-ups for previously arranged service.

View in Map Cell : 3069200509 Email : Website :

Address:211 MacLeod Avenue West, Box 2067 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Juanita Kember, Owner/Operator

Description:Classic Rentals SK is a rental company that offers white resin folding chairs.

View in Map Phone : 3069207673 Email : Website :

Address:407 Burrows Ave West, Box 3854 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ramil Afable, Owner

Description:Dog grooming, mobile.

View in Map Phone : 3067524400 Email : Website :

Address:Bay #3 - 102 McKendry Ave West, Box 655 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Tynelle Badinski, Manager/REALTOR

Description:Real estate sales and services for Melfort area. Residential, farm and commercial.

View in Map Phone : 3067525165 Email :

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Peggy George

View in Map Phone : 3067529319 Cell : 3069216165 Email : Website :

Address:P.O. Box 306, 113 Lancaster Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ryan Nelson

Description:Custom apparel, T Shirts, Hoodies, Etc.

View in Map Phone : 3067529381

Address:1121 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Phone : 3069218876 Email :

Address:Box 1976 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Cory Luthi

Description:General contractor.

View in Map Phone : 3069216423 Fax : 3067524484 Email : Website :

Address:101 Reservoir Drive, Box 69 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Creekside Orchard & Cafe is an apple and cherry u-pick orchard. We grow apples, tart cherries, rhubarb, raspberries and black currants. We serve a medley of desserts featuring our fruits, as well as beverages.

Phone : 3067522600 Email :

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To promote active living through cross country skiing. The club maintains the trails at the Melfort Campground and those northeast of Gronlid. The club also provides clinics throughout the winter.

Phone : 3069219755

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Hours of Operation: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday to Saturday

Phone : 3067522786 Website :

Address:Box 2320 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The College provides a wide variety of career-oriented education opportunities for adults in the community.

View in Map Phone : 3067524888 Fax : 3067522830 Email : Website :

Address:620 McDonald Road, Box 3664 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Providing custom built kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Choose from a variety of styles and wood species. There is no better way to add value and enjoyment to your new or existing home than a new kitchen.

View in Map Phone : 3067529875 Email :

Address:102 Saskatchewan Drive West, Box 1313 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Automotive maintenance and repair shop.

View in Map Phone : 3067525021 Fax : 3067525032 Email :

Address:805 Main Street, Box 2528 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:D. Brian Rumberger

Description:Accounting and tax services, including personal, corporate, agriculture and estate services.

View in Map Phone : 3067522561 Fax : 3067522702 Email :

Address:502 Saskatchewan Avenue East, Box 909 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Specializing in DQ soft serve and brazier products. Cakes and novelties available. Locally owned. What's your DQ Smile and a story?

View in Map Phone : 3067522340 Fax : 3067522349 Email : Website :

Address:506 Main Street, Box 1574 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kyla Taylor, Owner

Description:A locally-owned friendly and trendy home décor, gift and fresh floral shop. We have a large, cheerful and welcoming store with a comfy seating area and free coffee or tea if you need to rest your feet. Exquisite flowers for any occasion!

View in Map Phone : 3069218992 Email :

Address:PO Box 3436 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Dale Wojciechowski

Description:Cold drink and snack vending services for all your vending needs.

View in Map Phone : 3067529066

Address:1920 Highway #6 South Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3067529066 Fax : 3067525939 Email :

Address:Jct. Hwy 3, 6, 41, Box 459 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Brian Lee, Owner

Description:Gas bar, food store and restaurant.

View in Map Phone : 3067522639

Address:115 Burrows Ave East, Melfort, SK, S0E 1A0, Box 55, Domremy, SK, S0K 1G0 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Danielle's Massage Therapy @ SpaFit by Linda

Description:Providing massage therapy

View in Map Phone : 3067529522 Fax : 3067529525 Email : Website :

Address:718 Main Street, Box 2384 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Dean Wallace, Owner

Description:Retail computer sales, service and network administration. We are your one stop office and school supply headquarters, and consumer electronics dealer store for The Source.

View in Map Phone : 3067525577 Fax : 3067525470

Address:103 Burrows Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Matthew Zurevinsky, Owner/Installer

Description:Provider of security solutions for SecurTek, a SaskTel company.

Phone : 3067525565 Email :

Address:Box 2632 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To provide quality childcare to children ages 18 months to 12 years. Subsidies are available to qualified families.

View in Map Cell : 3069214046 Email : Website :

Address:202 Crawford Avenue East, Box 555 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kelsey Dyck, Owner

Description:Videography, photography, websites, design, logo design.

View in Map Cell : 3069216593 Email :

Address:Box 2284 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Darwin Isberg, Director

Description:HVAC - Interprovincial Journeyman status since 1980 - sheet metal installer and fabrication of fittings - small plumbing jobs - furnace, AC, air exchanger repair Melfort area since 1975.

View in Map Phone : 3067524313

Address:299 Central Street, Box 1568 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Bill Jung, Owner

Description:Welding and machining, combine concave rebuilding, fabrication and repair.

Phone : 3067522698

Address:Box 928 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:All seniors interested in maintaining or improving their physical mobility are welcome. Doctor and physio referrals of any person with physical abilities are accepted. Groups sessions are held at the Palace Pool every Tuesday and Friday at 1:00 p.m. SPRA certified physiotherapists are present.

Phone : 3067524741

Address:Box 3793 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Garnet Davies

Description:Represents 17 agencies and canvasses the city once per year during the month of October.

View in Map Phone : 3067526363 Fax : 3067525886

Address:102 McKendry Avenue West, Bay #5, Box 148 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:John Mindiuk, Owner

Description:Chiropractic health care. Chiropractors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorder of muscles, joints and nerves.

View in Map Phone : 3067523215 Fax : 3067522780 Email :

Address:210 Main Street, Box 2408 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Dr. Todd Siwak, Chiropractor

Description:Chiropractic health care.

View in Map Phone : 3067525961

Address:101 Spruce Haven Road Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3069215111 Email : Website :

Address:818 Main Street - Melfort Mall Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gisele Dube

Description:Ladies' fashion outerwear from casual to sporty to outfits for special occasions, petite to plus sizes. Shoes, purses and accessories as well as bathing suits. Our motto is: "Up clothes and personal styles for you" at Dress Well with Gisele in the Melfort Mall. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram

Phone : 3067522792 Email :

Address:Box 2139 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Phone : 3067522791

Address:Box 2139 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gerry Letain

Description:Conservation of wetlands and wildlife habitat.

Phone : 3067524715 Email :

Address:Box 864 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Tune, repair and service all makes of upright and grand pianos. Certified Piano Tuner Technician since 1973.

View in Map Phone : 3067525252

Address:Melfort Mall, 1121 Main Street North, Box 220 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Frances Evenson, Manager

Description:A trusted tradition providing service to the community and beyond. Watch batteries, marriage licenses, jewellery/watch repairs.

View in Map Phone : 3069218607 Fax : 3067523863 Email :

Address:305 Caskey Drive, Box 2812 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Mel Leveque, Owner

Description:Towing, lockout, boosting, trailer service, winching, vehicle recovery, vehicle disposal, compound facility, vehicle storage, DAA, accident recovery for SGI and professional dispatch group (roadside).

Phone : 3067522515 Website :

Address:Box 2975 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kathy MacGillvray

Description:Fraternal organization meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month at the Melfort Masonic Hall.

View in Map Phone : 3067523499 Fax : 3067523744 Email :

Address:102 Division Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:General contractor.

View in Map Phone : 3067522812 Fax : 3067522813 Email : Website :

Address:106 McKendry Avenue West, Bay #4 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Larry Falk, Financial Advisor

Description:Portfolio analysis, GICs, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, RRSPs, RRIFs. Members of the Toronto Stock Exchange, making sense of investing.

Phone : 3069218157

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Joe Eggerman, Journeyman Carpenter

Description:- New construction, interior & exterior renovations - Bobcat services

View in Map Phone : 3067522832 Fax : 3067524399 Email :

Address:101 MacLeod Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Michael Mahon, Lawyer

View in Map Phone : 3062607274 Email : Website :

Address:Box 1384 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jackie McConaghy

Description:Leadership and executive coaching. Professional development services.

View in Map Phone : 3067529690 Email :

Address:112 Burns Avenue East, Box 1258 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pastor Ross Cashman

View in Map Phone : 3067521284 Email :

Address:111 Burrows Ave W Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gloria & Nelson Carrier

Description:Fashion for ladies and men. Casual to dressy apparel, outerwear, footwear and accessories. From head to toe, we have you covered.

View in Map Phone : 3067523377 Email :

Address:900 Highway 6 South, Box 3434 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Bryce Groenwold, President

Description:Storage bay rentals.

View in Map Phone : 3067524564 Fax : 3067524563 Email : Website :

Address:818 Main Street, Box 3338 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Grain marketing, consulting and brokerage. We help farmers be more profitable by managing their grain marketing.

View in Map Fax : 3067523888 Email :

Address:306 Saskatchewan Drive West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Darren Fedusiak, President

Description:Provide funeral and cremation goods and services. Granite and bronze cemetery memorials.

View in Map Phone : 3067527770 Website :

Address:Unit A, 1121 Main Street, Box 1318 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kirsten Beaupre, Store Manager

Description:Junior Department Store supplying mens, ladies, kids; clothing, footwear, household goods and consumables.

View in Map Cell : 3069207673 Email :

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ramil Afable, Chairperson

View in Map Phone : 3068629555 Fax : 3068625055 Email : Website :

Address:1800 Highway 35 South Nipawin Saskatchewan S0E 1E0

Contact:Kent Nickel

Description:Fire extinguisher sales, servicing and maintenance.

Phone : 3067524620 Email :

Address:Box 2582 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Terry Fischl, Owner/Operator - Journeyman Carpenter

Description:New home and garage construction, additions, renovations. Soffit, facia, siding, decks, window & door replacement, shingling, interior renovations.

View in Map Phone : 3069225489 Fax : 3069225489

Address:634 - 5th Street East Prince Albert Saskatchewan S6V 0M2

Description:Retail and wholesale of fresh frozen, vacuum-packed fillet of seafood.

View in Map Phone : 3067527777 Fax : 3067527779 Email :

Address:217 Main Street, Box 3759 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Dr. Foluke Laosebikan, Solicitor/Owner

Description:Law office offering mediation and professional legal services.

View in Map Phone : 3067524450 Fax : 3067524451 Email :

Address:2200 Highway 6 South, Box 4266 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Donna Fouillard, Owner

Description:All-type flooring retail store, with professional installation of everything.

View in Map Phone : 3067522260 Fax : 3067522820 Email : Website :

Address:1120 Highway 6 South, Box 4210 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Tyler Fahlman, Owner/Operator

Description:Complete automotive, commercial, agricultural and industrial tire service and sales, government inspections, wheel alignments, complete automotive service and repairs.

View in Map Phone : 3067525285 Fax : 3067525885 Email :

Address:117 Hutcheson Street, Box 1341 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Vicki Malden, Owner

Description:Wine making equipment, wine kits (red, white, specialty), wine classes, in-home service.

View in Map Phone : 3067522464 Fax : 3067527212 Email :

Address:513 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Trent Rae, Partner

Description:Full service optometrist office, eye exams, contact lenses, spectacle dispensary.

View in Map Cell : 3069216225 Email :

Address:Box 3334, 403 Burrows Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gary Bradley, Owner/Operator

Description:Lawn care, yard maintenance, snow removal, tree trimming and small parking lot maintenance.

View in Map Phone : 3067527387 Fax : 3067525066 Email :

Address:710 Hamilton Avenue, Box 4659 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Victor Kernaleguen, Veterinarian/Owner

Description:We provide veterinary services to both companion animal and food animal clients. We can supply you with most pet products, and tailor our services to individual client needs. For food animals, we provide services both on-farm and in-clinic to assist with your herd's health.

View in Map Phone : 3069215400 Email :

Address:314 Crawford Ave E Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Delivery Services - for efficient delivery at home or at work.

View in Map Phone : 3067523355 Fax : 3067525534 Email : Website :

Address:312 Main Street, Box 369 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jeff & Ena McAuley

Description:Retailer of hardware, housewares, paint, plumbing, electrical, automotive, lawn, garden, home improvement, keys cut, chainsaw chain sharpening, giftware and sporting goods.

Phone : 3069217373 Fax : 3067522144 Email : Website :

Address:Highway 3 East, Box 2801 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:George Sterner, Owner

Description:Trucking, excavating, water & sewer, snow removal, all types of gravel.

Phone : 3067523839 Email :

Address:Box 83 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Club provides instruction in both the Canskate and Canfigureskate programs. The Canskate Program is for any skater, power skater, basic skater, figure skater or hockey skater. After the proficiency test, the skater may make a choice of which sport he/she wishes. The next step, Canfigurskate, is also a recreational program designed to serve the skater right through to adult age. The skater in the CFSA Program has three options: the test system, competitive or both.

View in Map Phone : 3067525110 Email :

Address:103 Burrows Avenue East, Box 3399 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Russell Edwards, Owners

Description:Co-Ed Fitness Centre located in downtown Melfort. Promoting health lifestyles through the use of newly purchased weight and resistance equipment, Personal Training Specialists and Group Fitness Classes. Memberships and one-time drop-in rates available.

View in Map Phone : 3067525700

Address:108 Burrows Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3069217060 Cell : 3062772033 Email :

Address:107 - 1st Street Gronlid Saskatchewan S0E 0W0

Contact:Gordon Ens, Owner

Description:Bathroom renos, Sewer cleaning, Roto Rooter.

View in Map Phone : 3067522873 Fax : 3067522664

Address:280 Central Street, Box 2188 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Concrete redi-mix, gravel, sand and rock.

View in Map Phone : 3067633133 Fax : 3067633107 Email : Website :

Address:705 Hamilton Avenue Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Solid Waste and Recycling Services, Temporary Portable Toilet and Fencing Services - Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

View in Map Phone : 3067525040 Fax : 3067522755

Address:508 Main Street, Box 55 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Arthur Holmes, Owner

Description:Tax preparation.

Phone : 8884764636

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Area office for the North East, responsible for fund raising. Educational resources available.

View in Map Phone : 3067527280 Fax : 3067528456 Email :

Address:903 Main Street, Box 3158 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Rose Dubois, Manager

Description:Heaven Sent is a Christian bookstore retailing in bibles, CDs, videos, books, music supplies and gifts for all ages.

Phone : 3067526275

Address:Box 628 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kerry Holaday

Description:Traffic officers enforce provincial and federal highway transportation laws providing public safety and protection to the integrity of Saskatchewan highways.

View in Map Phone : 3069217860 Fax : 3067522532 Email :

Address:1221 Highway 6 South, Box 1944 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Hydro vac services, directional drilling, trenching and installation of natural gas and electrical, licensed plastic fusion of natural gas and water.

View in Map Phone : 3067522216 Fax : 3067528400 Email : Website :

Address:116 Saskatchewan Drive West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Marty Houle

Description:Retail furniture, appliance and mattress sales. Sales, service and delivery.

Phone : 3067527301 Email :

Address:Box 7500 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To provide affordable housing for seniors, families and disabled individuals.

Phone : 8002067218

Address:Box 1060 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security, etc.

View in Map Phone : 3069219508 Email :

Address:RR #1 Codette Saskatchewan S0E 0P0

Contact:Carl Reddekopp, Owner/Operator

Description:Home Inspector: Also certified mold/air quality inspector

View in Map Phone : 3069207786 Email : Website :

Address:110 Burrows Ave W, PO Box 2560 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kent & Blaine Tetz

Description:Vaporizer store with focus on nicotine cessation and tobacco harm reduction.

View in Map Phone : 3067524701 Fax : 3067524709 Email :

Address:511 Main Street, Box 2799 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Lanny Bolen

Description:Financial planning, estate planning, insurance needs, mortgages.

Phone : 3068643448

Address: Kinistino Saskatchewan S0J 1H0

Contact:Michael Soulier

Description:Residential and commercial wiring.

View in Map Phone : 3069209899 Email :

Address:103 Division Street E, Box 4568 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Igor Kutsiy, Owner

Description:IVYSMADE specializes in custom boat rock guard design, manufacture and distribution.

View in Map Phone : 3069215337 Email : Website :

Address:12 Vickar Place, Box 4034 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jade, Owner/Operator

Description:Wedding, portrait, lifestyle & fine arts photography- To capture and share the beauty that's naturally there

View in Map Phone : 3067528221 Fax : 3067529709 Email : Website :

Address:103B Burrows Avenue West, Box 3864 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Heidi and Brandon Brignall, Owner

Description:Embroidery and promotional products.

Phone : 3069216379 Fax : 3067527226 Email :

Address:Box 4388 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jason de Haan

Description:Decks, doors, drywall, reno's, remodels, repairs, bathrooms, basement updates, painting, finishing and general carpentry work.

Phone : 3068633543 Email :

Address:, Box 179 Star City Saskatchewan S0E 1P0

Contact:John DeBoer, Journeyman Plumber

Description:General residential plumbing and drain cleaning.

View in Map Phone : 3069218696 Email :

Address:202 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jill Andersen, Registered Massage Therapist

Description:Providing Melfort & area with a relaxing and therapeutic self-care experience through massage therapy.

View in Map Cell : 3069215708 Email :

Address:Box 1628, 515 Ranson Avenue Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Rob Stewart, Owner

Description:Electrical contractor providing services in new construction, industrial, commercial, residential and agriculture.

Address:Box 284 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:John Renouf

Description:To promote the martial art of judo and to develop technical skills needed to pursue judo as a recreational and/or competitive sport. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 207 Broadway Ave. N.

View in Map Phone : 3067523197 Fax : 3067529080 Email :

Address:505 Main Street, Box 1936 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Nick, Susan or Keith Badinski

Description:Signs, decals, Traeger BBQ dealer, sandblast designs.

View in Map Phone : 3067525777 Fax : 3067522712 Email :

Address:417 Main Street, Box 2200 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Bill Selnes, Partner

Description:Law firm providing legal services with regard to real estate, wills, estates, corporations, civic and criminal litigation and class actions.

View in Map Phone : 3067525332

Address:102A Burrows Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3067522856

Address:310 Saskatchewan Avenue East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3069215120

Address:220 Burrows Ave West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Myrna Buckingham

Description:Kiddie Korner Playschool runs from September to May. The program is for 3 and 4 year-olds.

Phone : 8886648588

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:This organization is dedicated to help raise community awareness and provide an avenue for fund raising activities. Funds are directed into continued research projects and provide support information to patients and their families.

Website :

Address:Box 1593 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Kinette Club is dedicated to helping meet the community's greatest needs. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month. We do many fundraising projects throughout the year and are involved in many community events.

Website :

Address:Box 268 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To serve the communities greatest needs. Meetings are held the first Monday and third Friday of each month, 7:00 p.m. at the Ag Society Building.

Phone : 3067525519

Address:Box 3009 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The club is a non-profit fraternal organization that supports charities and community programs. The Knights meet on the first Tuesday of the month.

Phone : 3067526220

Address:Box 6500 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission, Melfort Office

View in Map Phone : 3069213596 Email :

Address:217 Burrows Ave W, Box 122 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Steve Schmale

Description:Provides Melfort and surrounding area with quality products, professional services, knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist you in any home project.

Phone : 3067524741

Address:Box 2026 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The club's goal is to create a better life for less fortunate individuals and general community service. Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month.

View in Map Phone : 3067524406 Fax : 3067524390 Email :

Address:402 Scotia Drive, Box 3021 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gordon Listwan, Owner

Description:Roofing (asphalt or metal), siding all types, windows, framing (garages/shops), eavestroughing, interior renovations - winter months only.

View in Map Phone : 3062422300 Fax : 3062424994 Email :

Address:805 - 47th Street East Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7K 8G7

Description:Commercial Waste & Recycling. Long term and short term services provided.

View in Map Phone : 3067522973 Email :

Address:510 Crawford Ave East, Box 1981 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Luke Rae

Description:Lawn care, skid steer work, snow removal.

View in Map Phone : 3067523666 Fax : 3067521876

Address:Spruce Haven Road, Box 897 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Lyle Grant, Owner/Manager

Description:Landscape construction, lawn care, property maintenance, snow removal, licensed pesticide applicator, irrigation, design, install, repair, trees, shrubs and flower bed installation and maintenance.

View in Map Phone : 3067525005 Fax : 3067525676

Address:420 Burrows Avenue West, Box 3127 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gerald Parfitt, Owner

Description:Towing, boosting, winching, flatbed service, storage.

View in Map Phone : 3067522392 Cell : 3067522392 Fax : 3067522517 Email :

Address:113 McLeod Avenue East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Plumbing and heating, new construction, renovations, installations and all service needs.

View in Map Phone : 3067525363 Fax : 3067525029 Email : Website :

Address:909 Charles Street , Box 3084 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:"We Carry Through" Manitoulin Transport's commitment of service and followed this motto from the first year, 1949, to present. LTL and truckload service, warehouse storage, container service and more.

View in Map Phone : 3067522391 Fax : 3067526364 Website :

Address:202 Melfort Street East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:North East School Division No. 200

View in Map Phone : 3069217194 Email :

Address:606 Crawford Avenue East, Box 4251 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Nathan, Owner/Operator

Description:Moving of personal and commercial goods. Big or small, we haul it all !!

View in Map Phone : 3067525121 Email : Website :

Address:310 Main Street, PO Box 2336 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ashley McLean

Description:Floral, home décor and giftware store

View in Map Phone : 3067526420 Fax : 3067522711

Address:1006 Main Street North, Box 1330 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:A Community Justice Committee is a group of citizen volunteers who work with Police and other justice professionals to provide justice services in their community. Saskatchewan communities are establishing Community Justice Committees because citizens and communities want a larger role in and increased access to the justice system.

Phone : 3067522779 Email :

Address:Box 1058 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Curling Club owns and operates the curling rink in Melfort. The ice surface accommodates 6 sheets of artificial ice and cab be used for community or private functions. The rink also has kitchen and lounge facilities. An elected board of directors governs the Curling Club with monthly meetings. The Curling Club was host to the 2005 Provincial Men

View in Map Phone : 3067525870 Email : Website :

Address:401 Melfort Street West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Museum collects, preserves, displays and interprets the heritage of Melfort and surrounding area. The organization has an active group of volunteers that work throughout the year on various tasks. See City Facilities under this website.

Phone : 3067522589

Address:Box 146 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Offers conservation programs, hunter safety education, hunting and shooting skill development. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month. The Clubhouse is available for bookings.

View in Map Phone : 3067522891 Fax : 3067529343 Website :

Address:801 Assiniboia Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:North East School Division No. 200

Phone : 3062754441

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Helping families of problem drinkers cope with difficulties brought about by the situation

Phone : 3068733045

Address:Box 2264 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To promote community theatre in Melfort and the surrounding area. A club room and rehearsal hall is located on Main Street.

Phone : 3065477760

Address:Box 23 SPALDING Saskatchewan S0K 4C0

Description:Starting June 18 to September 24, every Thursday from 2 pm to 5:30 pm.

Phone : 3067522307 Cell : 3062752051

Address:Box 3467 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To promote the visual and performing arts at all levels in Melfort. Meetings are held as necessary. The performing group runs the Stars for Saskatchewan Concert Series which consists of three performances per year. The visual group sponsors approximately eight art shows per year at the North East Leisure Centre Gallery and holds classes and workshops.

View in Map Phone : 3069216909 Email :

Address:1011 Highway #6 South, Box 3114 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jeff Quibell, Owner

Description:Automotive and recreational vehicle repairs and servicing.

View in Map Phone : 3067525411 Website :

Address:401 Spruce Haven Road, Box 3549 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pat Shiels, Owner

Description:We offer a caring, fun, safe, clean environment for your pet to stay while you are away. Boarding kennel, Pet Hotel.

Phone : 3067523293

Address:Box 3091 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Grace Ellis

Description:To facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge or arts and crafts among members and within the community. The organization meets once per month from September to June on the third Tuesday. The society offers ongoing craft classes and the Children's Craft Carnival

Phone : 3067525086

Address:Box 937 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Frances Westlund

Description:To encourage an interest in weaving. The group meets several times per year. All new weavers are welcome.

View in Map Phone : 3067524702 Fax : 3068735543 Website :

Address:816 - 100 Street, Tisdale, Box 639 Tisdale Saskatchewan S0E 1T0

Description:Operated by Tisdale Day Camps Inc., summer children's day camps for children ages K - Grade 6. Join the fun as we head out to various camp locations. Activities include archery, bible stories, crafts, games, hiking, horseback riding, singing, swimming, wagon rides, zip line and more.

View in Map Phone : 3067524040 Fax : 3067524041 Email :

Address:102 - 312 Stovel Avenue West, Box 2558 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kally Braaten/Darryl Kuny, Owners

Description:Servicing the public for oral health and denture care. Fabricating complete and partial dentures, implants over dentures, relines and repairs.

Phone : 3067522393

Address:Box 1888 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Club meets on the second and fourth Mondays of the month. Major sponsor of the Melfort Atom Hockey Tournament.

View in Map Phone : 3067524545 Fax : 3067524530 Email : Website :

Address:550 Hutcheson Street, Box 367 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pastor Gary Gilkinson

Description:Worship Service 10:00 am Sunday; Sunday School (for all ages) 11:30 am Sunday. Forever Friends Club (K-Gr. 6) on Thursdays at 6:30 pm; Tweens (Gr. 5 & 6) the 3rd Friday of each month; Youth (Gr. 7-12) Fridays at 7 pm. Various other activities and special events happening for all ages throughout the year.

Address:Box 2753 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Elaine Letain

Description:The Club provides instruction in both the Canskate and Canfigureskate programs. The Canskate Program is for any skater, power skater, basic skater, figure skater or hockey skater. After the proficiency test, the skater may make a choice of which sport he/she wishes. The next step, Canfigurskate, is also a recreational program designed to serve the skater right through to adult age. The skater in the CFSA Program has three options: the test system, competitive or both.

Phone : 3067525506

Address:Box 3688 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The purpose of the Melfort Food Bank is to collect, store and distribute food to people in need in the event of emergency situations and preserve and promote the dignity and independence of any person requiring assistance.

View in Map Phone : 3067524550

Address:520 Bemister Avenue East, Box 1808 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pastor Timothy Richards

Description:Preach the Gospel Sunday 11 am; Mid-week Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 pm; Kid's Club Thursday 3:30 pm.

View in Map Phone : 3067522714 Fax : 3067522548 Email : Website :

Address:111 MacLeod Avenue West, Box 1538 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Douglas Busby, Owner/Manager

Description:We at Melfort Funeral Home provide complete services regarding the care of the dead. We offer 24 hour service, 7 days a week. Pre-planning your funeral services are available. We also have a wide variety of cemetery monuments to choose from in granite and bronze.

Phone : 3067523279 Email : Website :

Address:Box 621 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:An eighteen hole grass green golf course which hosts a variety of tournaments throughout the season.

Address:Box 531 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To provide a home-like atmosphere for intellectually challenged adults.

Phone : 3068730702 Email :

Address:Box 541 Tisdale Saskatchewan S0E 1T0

Description:Provides instruction to children and youth 4 years and over in recreational and competitive gymnastics. Children work towards badges and viarious recreational meets are organized.

View in Map Phone : 3067528711

Address:510 Broadway Avenue North Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Services provided at Melfort Hospital Include: -24-Hour Emergency Outpatient Care -Chemotherapy -Coronary/intensive care -Diabetes and Heart Health Centre: 752-8786 -Dietician: 752-8751 -General Surgery: 752-8775 -Inpatient acute care -Inpatient physiotherapy: 752-7550 -Internal Medicine -Laboratory services -Labour and Delivery -Mental Health & Addiction Services: 752-8767 -Palliative care -Radiology services -Telehealth Visiting Specialist Services: -Gynecology -Plastic Surgery -Orthopedics -Urology -ENT -Pediatrics -Rheumatology -Asthma/Allergy -Ophthalmology

View in Map Phone : 3067529397 Fax : 3067525880 Email :

Address:1121 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Leasing of mall properties.

Email :

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To provide instruction, knowledge and enjoyment in competitive swimming. The club operates between May and August at the Northern Lights Palace Pool

Address:Box 547 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To help youth and make good men better citizens.

Email : Website :

Address:Box 1132 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Address:Box 2668 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Richelle Rogers

Description:The purpose of the association is to provide programs and organized sports for all children 18 years and under in the Melfort area. These programs include ball, soccer, hockey, basic skating, figure skating, swimming and lacrosse.

View in Map Phone : 3067525595 Fax : 3067525399 Email :

Address:318 Saskatchewan Avenue East, Box 3381 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Harvey Bulicz, Owner

Description:Muffler installation, automotive repair, shocks, brakes and safety inspections.

Email : Website :

Address:Box 3113 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The Melfort Multi-K is an annual event featuring a 1K Kid's Fun & Run, 5K walk/run, 10K walk/run and 21K run. Check out the Multi-K website for all information on registration, sponsorship opportunities and volunteering. Get involved in this great community event. Promoting Fitness & Health in Melfort

Website :

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The purpose of the Melfort Music Festival Association is to encourage the development of excellence in music through participation, competition and performance for the growth of the individual. For contacts and information, please click on the link above to be directed to the Melfort Music Festival Association website.

Phone : 3067522799 Email : Website :

Address:Box 3640 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To promote Jr. Hockey within the Melfort area.

View in Map Phone : 3067522554 Fax : 3067522532 Email : Website :

Address:1221 Saskatchewan Drive South, Box 1990 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kurtis Stafford, Owner

Description:We are a Yamaha, Husqvarna and Ferris dealer. We also sell a wide variety of farm parts and hardware. We also do recreation and small engine repairs.

View in Map Phone : 3067522858 Fax : 3067524310

Address:410 Main Street, Box 2350 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Lonnie Nicholls, Owner

Description:Melfort Pharmasave #428 is dedicated to the provision of pharmaceutical care to Melfort and area residents. We specialize in herbal and homeopathic health provision, along with a full line of OTC, cosmetic, confectionery and household items.

Phone : 3067522022

Address:Box 429 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., Monday, Friday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., closed Sunday. The library board meets seven times per year.

Phone : 3067522434

Address:Box 2502 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Promoting amateur radio and public service communications. The club operates a VHF repeater in Melfort. Assistance is available to individuals of any age interested in studying for an amateur radio license. The club meets as needed.

View in Map Phone : 3067525904

Address:118 Burrows Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Seniors Place monthly calendar of events. All seniors welcome!

View in Map Phone : 3067529292 Fax : 3067521862

Address:208 Saskatchewan Avenue West, Box 3920 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Trent or Wanda, Managers/Owners

Description:For all your gas, convenience store and purus water needs.

Phone : 3069213915 Email : Website :

Address:Box 175 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:We are a family oriented traditional karate organization focusing on Sensei Masaru Shintani's teachings and values of kindness and humility. Our goal is to move into the future with ties to the past, developing confident individuals who will be positive role models within the community. Classes run Tuesday nights. Melfort Karate is a volunteer-based, fun and energetic club providing a lifelong martial art and sport opportunity.

View in Map Phone : 3067529274 Fax : 3067529874 Email :

Address:705 Saskatchewan Drive E, Box 3775 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Trent & Shelley Zwingli, Owners

Description:Car Wash - bays with wands and drive-through automatic

Phone : 3067522248

Address:Box 3672 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Tae Kown Do teaches self-defence as well as discipline and self-confidence. Classes are available to all ages on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We also offer an aerobic workout that will get you in shape and teach you self-defence.

View in Map Phone : 3067522288 Fax : 3067523174 Email : Website :

Address:220 Burrows Avenue West, Box 1064 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Sunday Worship: 10:30 am Sunday School, Bible Study, Senior-Junior & Bell Choirs, Men

Email :

Address:Box 2826 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Soccer programs are available for all ages. Melfort Youth Soccer runs from October-March and May-June each year. All inquiries to be made to the e-mail address listed above.

View in Map Phone : 3067522886 Fax : 3067525808 Email : Website :

Address:1560 Saskatchewan Drive South, Box 1720 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ken Madraga, General Manager

Description:We offer over 250 vehicles to choose from on our paved, illuminated lot. Appointments are not necessary for regular vehicle maintenance - our oil change specialists are waiting for you and are now open Saturdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The parts and service department provides the latest in parts and diagnostic equipment.

View in Map Phone : 3067523028 Fax : 3066831977 Email : Website :

Address:835A 60th Street East Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7K 5Z7

Contact:Robert Moss, Project Manager

Description:Melfort Division: Locally managed, local employees, residential & commercial plumbing, heating, air conditioning, gas fitting, sheet metal, ventilation, boilers, service.

View in Map Phone : 3068647060 Email : Website :

Address:Bay #2 - 102 Main Street, Melfort SK., Box 10, Meskanaw Meskanaw Saskatchewan S0K 2W0

Contact:Laura Lawrence

Description:Certified Body Talk Practitioner. Provides wellness therapies and workshops, certified aromatherapy, aromatherapy lymphatic massage and treatments.

View in Map Phone : 3067523330 Email :

Address:712 Main Street, Box 3577 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Charlene Argent/Vickie Altrogge, Partners

Description:The staff of Modern Flare invite all ages to accommodate your hair care needs. They also carry a selection of hair care retail as well as fashion accessories and purses.

View in Map Phone : 3067522133

Address:106 Broadway Ave. S., Box 1508 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Dr. Eldon Pederson, Dr. Earl Davis

Description:Provide veterinary medicine and surgery services to livestock producers and companion animal owners in the Melfort region.

Phone : 3067522851

Address:Box 2740 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Phone : 3067522794

Address:Box 910 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Phone : 3067524147

Address:Box 2494 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To raise money to aid in research and help victims of M.S. Meetings are held on the third Monday of every second month.

View in Map Phone : 3067522622

Address:113 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Quality, brand name clothing and footwear at competitive prices.

View in Map Cell : 3069218581 Email :

Address:Box 4215 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jason Munro, Owner

Description:Safety training Equipment training Safety supplies

Phone : 3067524581

Address:Box 3721, Melfort, SK Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Christine Roenspies

Description:For the convenience of staying in your own home - Mobile Foot Care

View in Map Cell : 3069200678

Address:116 Scotia Drive Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Olga Puzanova

Description:Certified nail technician and esthetician. Check out Facebook - Nails by Olga

Phone : 3067529308 Fax : 3067529110 Email : Website :

Address:Box 3699 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Leonard Whitney, Manager

Description:Retail - auto parts.

View in Map Phone : 3067529319 Fax : 3067529319 Email : Website :

Address:113 Lancaster Street, Box 306 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ryan Nelson, Owner

Description:Advertising and graphic design services, including logo design, brochure design, websites, illustration, corporate branding, etc.

View in Map Phone : 3067524883

Address:111 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Phone : 3067524586

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Home Delivery

Phone : 3067521780

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Homecare Assisted Living Program Rehabilitation services

Phone : 3067524080 Email :

Address:Box 100 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ron Unger, President

Description:Genealogy Research.

Phone : 3067522168

Address:Box 1988 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The organization's goal is to assist members in the research of their famiy history by providing helpful and useful information. The society meets on the first Tuesday of the moth.

Phone : 3067529464 Fax : 3067523122 Email : Website :

Address:Box 2066 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To provide services to victims of family violence and sexual assault and abuse. The board and volunteers meet once per month. The crisis line operates 24 hours per day.

View in Map Phone : 3067525741 Fax : 3067521933 Website :

Address:402 Main Street, Box 6000 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Division Office

View in Map Phone : 3067523030 Website :

Address:903 Main Street North, Box 3158 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pastor Paul Dubois

Description:Celebration Service: Sundays 10:30 am Reveal Youth (ages 12-18): Fridays 7:30 pm Kids Quest: Sundays 10:30 am Kids of the Kingdom (ages 4-11): Thursdays 7:00 pm Klub Life (grades 6-8): every other Wednesday 7:00pm Prayer/Discipleship/ISOM Classes: Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:00pm Various other activities for all age groups and many special events throughout the year.

View in Map Phone : 3067524280 Fax : 3067524281 Email :

Address:206 Central Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Jim Zimmer, Owner/Operator

Description:Complete engine rebuilding machine shop services and parts sales for industrial, agricultural, automotive and high performance engines.

View in Map Phone : 3068783819 Fax : 3067522711 Website :

Address:1006 Main Street North, Box 1330 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Carmella Hood, Program Coordinator

Description:Victim Services works in partnership with the R.C.M.P. and the community to provide the best possible service to victims during their involvement with the criminal justice system. Our program is staffed by well trained community volunteers and is a free and confidential service.

View in Map Phone : 3067524930 Email :

Address:212 Main Street, Box 3579 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Sandra Dancey, Owner/Operator

Description:Custom framing of artwork, memorabilia, jerseys and more, plus a wide selection of framed prints, posters and art cards, as well as locally produced pottery, giftware and more.

Phone : 3067523643 Email :

Address:Box 1785 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To promote the art and skill or woodcarving. The group meets each Monday from October to April

View in Map Phone : 3067523366 Fax : 3067525572 Email :

Address:698 Saskatchewan Avenue East, Box 3670 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Gregg Chester, Owner

Description:Sale of building and decorating supplies.

View in Map Phone : 3062724751 Fax : 3062723798 Email : Website :

Address:424 Main Street Foam Lake Saskatchewan S0A 1A0

Contact:Nelson Coupland, Owner

Description:Custom vinyl window manufacturer and installer. Northome handles the entire renovation project from measuring, manufacturing and installation. For further information and a complete list of customers in Melfort, call toll free 1-866-362-6525.

View in Map Phone : 3069218480 Cell : 3069214631 Email :

Address:, Box 3067 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Cheryl O'Flanagan & Linda O'Flanagan

Description:Focusing on local, fresh flavours for all occasions.

View in Map Phone : 3067524141 Email :

Address:306 Saskatchewan Avenue East, Box 1405 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Robb Misskey

Description:Full mechanical - drive thru oil changes. The only one in Melfort!

View in Map Phone : 3067522719 Fax : 3067522710 Email : Website :

Address:110 Burrows Avenue East, Box 1810 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Tire retailer and auto service.

View in Map Cell : 3069219817 Email :

Address:301 2nd Avenue, Box 17 Beatty Saskatchewan S0J 0C0

Contact:Mathieu Montpas

Description:For all your electrical needs, big or small. From your small renovation job to your new construction. Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Phone : 3068632220 Fax : 3068632221 Website :

Address:Box 1027 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Angela Herzberg

Description:Licensed commercial catering business, family run, serving the north east from rural Saskatchewan. Functions: weddings, anniversaries, corporate lunches, auctions, fundraisers with menu variety to suit the needs or budgets of all clients.

Address:Box 1102 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Fran Tatlow

Description:Paper Arts Plus offers programs in various paper crafting techniques including paper folding, quilling, Xyron and Cricut use, card making and simple book making. Sessions are held at the Kerry Vickar Centre on the last Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. and a repeat session on the last Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. Check the Coffee Mill for program information.

View in Map Phone : 3067522413 Website :

Address:103 Park Avenue East, Box 846 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Sunday School 9:30 am; Sunday Worship Service 10:45 am; Kids Klub 6:30 pm Wednesday; Youth Centre 9 - 11 pm Fridays.

Phone : 3067521776

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:105 bed Long Term Care Facility Acquired Brain Injury Program: 752-1754 Dementia Ward Occupational Therapy: 752-1750 Physiotherapy: 752-1750 Volunteer and Spiritual Services Offices: 752-1793

View in Map Phone : 8008368088 Fax : 3062441529 Email :

Address:#1 - 301 2nd Avenue North Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7K 2B8

Description:Hearing aid sales and service, FREE hearing tests, DVA service provider, hearing aid repair lab.

Phone : 3067529329 Website :

Address:Box 2557 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Provide services for adults with intellectual challenges. Produces a variety of woodworking products, wedding supplies, SARCAN and paper recycling services.

View in Map Phone : 3067529855 Fax : 3067529854 Email :

Address:109 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Retail outlet for Plus Industries. Scrap booking supplies, stamps, card making, gift ware, woodwork. Paper arts classes and workshops.

View in Map Phone : 3069207700 Fax : 3067525220 Email :

Address:510 Main Street, Box 4425 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Erin Moss/Emily Kjelshus

Description:Counselling and mentorship services for all ages. Prairie Hope Wellness provides a safe space for counselling services for individuals, couples and family, as well as for children and youth.

Phone : 3067529381 Fax : 3067525166 Email :

Address:Box 1450 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Randy Wassermann, General Manager

Description:Food market, gas bar/touchless car wash, home/agro/auto centre, RTM homes, cardlock.

View in Map Phone : 3067522607

Address:108A Saskatchewan Drive West, Box 1604 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Keri Rak, Owner/Massage Therapist

Description:Registered Massage Therapist

View in Map Phone : 3067524331 Fax : 3067524332 Email : Website :

Address:217 Main Street, Box 387 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kris Dean, Owner/Admin.

Description:Agricultural, commercial and residential real estate appraisal. Commercial assessment review and appeal.

Phone : 3067526230 Fax : 3067526126

Address:Box 6500 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Phone : 3067526353

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Communicable Disease Coordinator Dental Health Education Early Childhood Psychology Environmental Health - Public Health Inspector Saskatchewan Hearing Aid Plan Immunization Medical Health Officer Speech Language Pathology Podiatry Public Health Nursing Public Health Nutrition Parent Mentoring Program

View in Map Phone : 3067522441 Fax : 3067522465 Email :

Address:210 Burrows Avenue West Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Fran Bakker, President

Description:Business accounting services. Personal and corporate tax preparation.

View in Map Phone : 3067522290 Email :

Address:202 Main Street, Box 3538 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Allison Rogers, Owner

Description:Supplying Melfort & Area with all your quilting and sewing supplies.

View in Map Phone : 3067522290 Fax : 3067522285 Email :

Address:202 Main Street, Box 3538 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Allison Rogers, Owner

Description:Quilting and sewing supplies and classes.

View in Map Phone : 3067526265

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Court House

View in Map Phone : 3067524447 Fax : 306 Email : Website :

Address:214 Saskatchewan Drive E, GBS 2-33, RR 1 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ross, Jonathan & Jason Quibell

Description:Complete feed store, including supplements, feeds, salts, vet supplies, pet foods, etc. For all species of livestock. Lubricants for all applications, DEF fluid, pails, barrels, totes, bulk batteries, filters and soon - major tire retailer, automotive parts. A general store for everyday life necessities!

View in Map Phone : 3067522587 Fax : 3067525932 Email : Website :

Address:611 Main Street, Box 750 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kevin Gemmell, Station Manager/General Sales Manager

View in Map Phone : 3067528171 Fax : 3067523386 Email :

Address:201 Main Street, Box 1360 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Tara Spencer, Branch Manager

Phone : 3067525751

Address:Box 3157 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Derwood Dodds

View in Map Phone : 3067524004 Email : Website :

Address:504 Main Street, Box 1897 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Richelle Rogers, Broker/Owner

Description:Real Estate sales in the Melfort area. Specializing in residential and recreational property.

View in Map Phone : 3062169151 Email :

Address:Box 1047 Tisdale Saskatchewan S0E 1T0

Contact:Gary & Donna Reinhart

Description:Mobile hotdog cart serving bbq'ed hotdogs, smokies and cold drinks. Available to cater events.

View in Map Phone : 3067528470 Fax : 3067528473 Email : Website :

Address:#12 - 1121 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Real estate services and property management.

View in Map Phone : 3067522525 Fax : 3067525980 Website :

Address:900 Alberta Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:North East School Division No. 200

View in Map Phone : 3067523466

Address:116 Churchill Drive, Box 2038 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Rick Brahniuk

Description:Removal of refrigerant (Freon) from appliances, fridges, freezers, air conditioners, water coolers, dehumidifiers. Removal of appliances available.

Phone : 3067525480 Email :

Address:Box 5 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Continuous 5" eavestrough - residential and commercial.

View in Map Phone : 3067522865 Fax : 3067522549 Email : Website :

Address:201 Burrows Avenue West, Box 1478 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Doug Kurtenbach, General Manager

Description:Automotive Sales and Service. Autowash

View in Map Phone : 3069217069 Fax : 3067529729 Email :

Address:Highway #41, Box 3563 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Electrical contractor providing services in new construction, renovations, trouble shooting and repairs.

View in Map Phone : 3067527652 Email :

Address:215 Main Street, Box 4283 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ayodele Ige, Owner

Description:High quality fashion accessories, including jewellery, wristwatches, shoes and bags.

View in Map Phone : 3067525518 Email :

Address:104 Crawford Avenue West, Box 3009 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Rev. Jim Kaptein, Pastor, Margaret Koch, Secretary

Description:Mass: Saturdays 7:00 pm and Sundays 10:00 am

Phone : 3067523192 Website :

Address:Box 507 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To conduct community and humanitarian projects, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and work toward world understanding and peace. Meetings are held every Tuesday. Membership is by invitation and is open to men and women in professional and business fields.

View in Map Phone : 8889224140 Fax : 3069224580 Email :

Address:237B 16th Street West Prince Albert Saskatchewan S6V 3V4

Contact:Garry or Karen, Owners

Description:Sewer clean all lines, tank entry for pump or tank repair, thaw with hot water, high pressure.

Phone : 3067523293 Cell : 3062752051 Email :

Address:Box 147 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Provides assistance to veterans and their spouses and families. The Legion donates to various projects and bursaries for students. They meet on the third Thursday of the month at 101 McLeod Ave. E. For more information, call the Legion Office at 306-751-2713.

View in Map Phone : 3067525751 Fax : 3067525754 Email : Website :

Address:102 Burrows Avenue East, Box 3070 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Val Ozeroff, Owner/Broker

Description:Real estate sales and services.

Phone : 3067523238

Address:Box 1585 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Meetings are held every Monday in the Elks Bingo Hall.

Phone : 3067525365

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Sharon Bruvold

Description:The Salvation Army Family Services provides emergency social services to people in need. These services include: food, clothing, household items, referrals to other agencies, assistance with job search, resume completion and housing searches, emergency lodging and personal counseling.

Phone : 3067526142

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3068736600 Fax : 3068736605

Address:901 - 108th Avenue Tisdale Saskatchewan S0E 1T0

Description:Please note that Kelsey Trail Health Region has been dissolved and is now part of Saskatchewan Health. The Kelsey Trail Health Authority serves the City of Melfort and the surrounding area. There are over 43,500 people in the region served by hospitals in the communities of Melfort, Tisdale, Nipawin and Hudson Bay. There are medical clinics in many of the smaller communities as well. Melfort has most medical services in the areas of hospital, emergency, long-term care, home care, mental health and addictions, rehabilitation, and community health services. Melfort has 16 physicians, 4 pharmacies, 6 chiropractors and 3 dentists.

View in Map Phone : 3067526166 Website :

Address:107 Crawford Avenue East, Box 6500 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Darlene Thompson, Regional Director

Description:North East School Division No. 200

View in Map Phone : 3069334320 Fax : 3069334314 Email : Website :

Address:3122A Millar Ave Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7K 5Y2

Contact:Larry Westby

Description:Residential and commercial polyaspartic flooring. Garage & shop cabinets and storage products. PVC handiwall and accessories. No obligation estimates.

Phone : 3067525833

Address:Box 4539 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Mary Gabrielson

Description:Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, and Venturers meet weekly. Preparing for life is what we're all about!

Phone : 3067523001

Address:Box 4270 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3068738632 Fax : 3068732237 Email :

Address:808 - 100th Street, Box 448 Tisdale Saskatchewan S0E 1T0

Contact:Ron Sharp

Description:Refrigeration repair, sales and service; Geothermal repair; Air conditioning

View in Map Phone : 3067522717 Fax : 3067522522 Email : Website :

Address:209 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Darin Banadyga, Pharmacist/Owner

Description:Full service retail pharmacy, for all your personal and home health care needs, plus much more!

View in Map Phone : 3069213369 Email : Website :

Address:#6 102 McKendry Avenue West, Box 4414 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Leanne Normand

Description:Mental Health Counselling Services

View in Map Phone : 3067522409 Email :

Address:506 Main Street, Melfort, SK, Box 4316 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Barb Wallace, Owner/Physiotherapist

Description:Physiotherapy treatment, gym memberships.

Phone : 3067527430

Address:Box 3925 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Co-ed league which plays in May and June. Summer league plays in July and August.

View in Map Phone : 3067522851 Fax : 3067523898 Email : Website :

Address:516 Main Street, Box 2740 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Craig Carlson, President/Owner

Description:General insurance brokers office providing auto, home, farm, commercial, travel, health and hail insurance. SGI license issuer office.

View in Map Phone : 3067522434 Fax : 3067522434 Email : Website :

Address:119 Churchill Drive, Box 2170 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Delbert Smith, Owner

Description:Repair of cutting torches, regulators and Mig/Plasma guns. Welding equipment sales.

View in Map Phone : 3067529335 Fax : 3067529340

Address:710 Saskatchewan Avenue East, Box 579 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Family restaurant and Smitty's catering.

Phone : 3067526100

Address:Box 6500 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To provide financial assistance to those assessed on a needs basis and provide social work, and child, youth and family services to the Melfort area.

View in Map Phone : 3067522638 Cell : 3069217734 Email :

Address:#7 Sunset Crescent, Box 44 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ken Sorensen

Description:Digital and offset printing. Graphic design, wide format, multi-part forms and personalized promotional items. Over 30 years print industry experience.

View in Map Phone : 3067522639 Email :

Address:115 Burrows Avenue East, Box 1662 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Linda Madraga, Owner

Description:Spa and Co-Ed Fitness Centre.

Phone : 3067523839 Email : Website :

Address:Box 1402 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Special Olympics Melfort provides individuals with an intellectual disability the opportunity to access sport, fitness and recreation.

View in Map Phone : 3067525321 Email :

Address:116 MacLeod Avenue West, Box 1586 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pastor Dave MacPherson

Description:St. James is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. We conduct worship in the reformed tradition. We host teas and our facilities are available for rental. Everyone is welcome to join us for worship.

View in Map Phone : 3067522332

Address:115 Bemister Avenue East, Box 1838 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Pastor Rojar Singh

Description:Sunday School 9:30 am; Adult Bible Study Sunday 9:30 am; Worship Service Sunday 10:30 am. Everyone is welcome! Our purpose is to strengthen families - of all ages and sizes - for living life to the full through the good news about God's love for them in Jesus Christ.

View in Map Phone : 3067524210

Address:106 Saskatchewan Avenue East Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3067523095

Address:218 Main Street, Bay #1, Box 3920 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:The spray tan is hand sprayed by one of our certified technicians. All of the spray tan product is 100% organic. We also sell product to prepare and maintain the tan. See us on Facebook @ Sun Kiss Organic Spray Tan

View in Map Phone : 3067524757 Fax : 3067524787 Email : Website :

Address:204 Main Street, Box 3280 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Clint Mason

Description:Life and critical illness insurance, long term care, group benefits, disability, RRSP's/RRIF's, GIC's, Mutual Funds, RESP's, Pension Plans, Savings Plans, Financial Planning Service. Mutual Funds offered by Sun Life Financial Investment Services (Canada) Inc.

View in Map Phone : 3069219966 Email :

Address:105 Churchill Drive, Box 752 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Kathryn Carswell, Owner

Description:Serving northeast Saskatchewan's need for small event linen rentals. Tablecloths, chair covers and many other items available. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Phone : 3067522365 Email :

Address:Box 4539 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Speech Language Pathologist Registered Saskatchewan.

View in Map Phone : 3068126050 Email :

Address:Box 2498 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Chad Taylor

Description:Fire and flood restoration, renovations, doors, windows, decks, shingling and finishing.

View in Map Phone : 3067524412 Fax : 3067524419 Email :

Address:108 Saskatchewan Avenue West, Box 1136 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:William Cockwill, President

Description:Full service mechanical/electrical contractor working throughout western Canada, specializing in the industrial and commercial sectors. We provide expertise in welding, millwright, pipe fitting, electrical and instrumentation.

View in Map Phone : 3067525961 Fax : 3067525592

Address:101 Spruce Haven Road Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

View in Map Phone : 3067529469 Fax : 3067522835 Email :

Address:216 Saskatchewan Avenue East, Box 3725 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:We offer the following services: flood & fire restoration, restaurant kitchen exhaust cleaning, residential & commercial carpet cleaning.

View in Map Phone : 3067524524 Fax : 3067524589 Email :

Address:818 Main Street, Box 2050 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:We sell life, home, farm, auto and commercial insurance.

Phone : 3068745661 Fax : 3068745669 Email :

Address:Box 315 Spalding Saskatchewan S0K 4C0

Contact:Randy & Marion Olson

Description:Custom cabinet making and installation.

Address:Box 1402 Humboldt Saskatchewan S0K 2A0

Description:To provide qualified instruction in competitive and recreational ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop for ages four to adult. Classes are held Monday to Thursday from September to May, with a year end finale on Mother

View in Map Phone : 3067645455 Email : Website :

Address:17-17th St. W. Prince Albert Saskatchewan S6V 3X2

Description:Supply and installation of windows & doors, siding, roofing products, sunrooms, hot tubs.

View in Map Phone : 3067525700 Fax : 3067525714 Email :

Address:108 Burrows Avenue West, Box 118 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Don Neher, Owner

Description:Our bakery and coffee shop offer you a wide variety of buns, breads, donuts and pastries. Some of the province's best sticky cinnamon buns are made here. For a quick lunch, try fresh-made subs or individual pizzas. Personalized picture cakes and a variety of specialty cakes are available.

View in Map Cell : 3069208875 Fax : 3062444419 Email : Website :

Address:Saskatoon Mortgage Group Inc. (License 316944), Box 4415 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Janna Armstrong (License 316932)

Description:Partnering with a mortgage broker team with over 100 years of experience, I am here to help you find the best mortgage option for you and your family.

View in Map Phone : 3067525364

Address:102 Crawford Avenue East, Box 549 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Sunday Worship 11 am; Bible Study Monday 9:30 am; Kids Klub Tuesday 3:30-5 pm; Family ministries and luncheon - call for details. The Salvation Army's ministry is motivated by love for God and a practical concern for the needs of humanity regardless of race, color, creed, sex or age. It exists to save souls, to grow saints and to serve suffering humanity.

Phone : 3069219301 Fax : 3067522562 Email :

Address:Box 2954 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Install vinyl siding, cement board, canexel siding, insulation, soffits, fascia, metal cladding, windows and doors. General construction work.

Phone : 3067522372

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Ken Hardy

View in Map Phone : 3069218137 Cell : 3069218137 Email :

Address:Box 4043, 500 McDonald Avenue Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Trevor Ilnisky

Description:Earthworks, Site prep, gravel, excavation and hauling

View in Map Phone : 3067525299 Website :

Address:214 Main Street Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:We are a locally owned and operated Family restaurant known for excellent food and amazing service. We are proud supporters of our community and welcome anyone into our establishment located on the 2nd block of Main Street and is only 317 steps from the Northern Lights Palace Sports Complex. Our products include delicious 2 for 1 pizza, wings, ribs, lasagna, premium hard ice cream, made to order salads, quesadillas, and more! Coffee time is perfect inside our warm and cozy storefront. Daily weekday lunch specials are offered between 11-2 Check out our facebook page TJ's Pizza Melfort for store hours or order on-line at

Phone : 3067521020 Email :

Address:6-102 McKendry Ave, Box 5700, Stn. Mn Prince Albert Saskatchewan S6V 7V6

Description:Private Practice counseling service for individuals and families. We work with people in areas of anxiety, depression, grief, stress management, relationship, self-confidence and all areas of mental health.

View in Map Phone : 3067523166 Fax : 3067523167 Email :

Address:1121 Main Street - Melfort Mall, Box 4328 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Henriette, Owner

Description:The clinic provides diagnostic medical ultrasound services which include, but are not limited to, abdomen, pelvis, obstetric (pregnancy), small parts (thyroid, breast, testes, glands soft tissue, etc.) venous studies (blood flow of upper and lower limbs) and MSK (musculoskeletal) of any joint, muscle, tendon and ligament (except pediatric hips).

View in Map Phone : 3067525900 Cell : 3069219212 Fax : 3067522225 Email : Website :

Address:213 Main Street, Box 4467 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Commercial printing including business cards, invoices, posters and catalogues. Also inside and outside large format printing including trade show displays, pull up banners, over-size posters, canvas photos, floor graphics, vehicle wraps and architectural prints. Scanning, laminating, faxing, emailing, slide show video presentations and office supplies.

View in Map Phone : 3067527227 Fax : 3067527231 Email :

Address:620 Saskatchewan Drive East, Box 4479 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Roden Ancheta, Manager

Description:Greek restaurant; pizza, pasta, lasagna, Greek specialties. Dine in, pick up, delivery. Daily specials at Murphy's Pub.

Email :

Address:Box 1973 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:To encourage and assist in the restoration of vintage and classic motor vehicles. Meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

View in Map Phone : 3068528023 Email :

Address:PO Box 451 Tisdale Saskatchewan S0E 1T0

Contact:Vadyn Lopachuk

Description:General finishing carpentry, masonry, concrete & roofing(asphalt or metal).

View in Map Phone : 3067525854 Fax : 3067522807

Address:111 Burns Avenue East, Box 2823 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Allan Walcer

Description:Stucco Contractor. Home & Business Renovations.

View in Map Phone : 3067529100 Email : Website :

Address:1121 Main St b1 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Sharron Townsend, Lease Administrator

Description:Retail clothing and accessories.

View in Map Phone : 3069208806 Email :

Address:115 Bemister Ave E, PO Box 778 Kiniatino Saskatchewan S0J 1H0

Contact:Rebekah Davidson

Description:WBNS is an Early Learning Center, teaching children 2 to 4 years of age and runs from September to June. 2 to 5 years of age for July & August.

Phone : 8006516000

Address:10177 - 104th Street Edmonton Alberta T5J 0Z9

Phone : 3067524636

Address: Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Nicole Gagne, Chamber Director

View in Map Phone : 3067522794 Fax : 3067525728 Email :

Address:216 Main Street, Box 910 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Wes Moneta, President

Description:Insurance brokerage, motor license issuer, travel agency.

Phone : 3067523643 Email :

Address:Box 3445 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:Our aim is to promote the art of lettering throughout the community and we welcome and encourage any one interested to join us. The guild meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Yearly membership fee is $25.00 and includes a monthly newsletter. A minimal drop-in fee of $2.00 is charge for non-members.We also host calligraphy workshops by accomplished calligraphers from other centers.

View in Map Phone : 3069214684 Email :

Address:304 Stewart Avenue, Box 2604 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Description:XL Sprayfoam Solutions is dedicated to installing quality, eco-friendly spray foam (2 lb. density) in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

View in Map Cell : 3068813126 Email : Website :

Address:Box 3964 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Yul Cometa, Manager

Description:Auto detailing, auto repair

View in Map Cell : 3068813126 Email : Website :

Address:Box 3964 Melfort Saskatchewan S0E 1A0

Contact:Yul Cometa, Manager

Description:Commercial, industrial, residential cleaning services